How to spot predatory journals

An excellent advisory for all fellow researchers looking to publish their scientific hard work by Prasad Ravindranath, science editor @ Hindu

Science Chronicle

Elephant_new-Optimized Predatory journals may look like genuine journals but closer scrutiny will reveal many red flags that should serve as a warning to serious researchers who don’t want to be tricked.

Spotting predatory journals is quite easy in most cases. By default most predatory journals have at least a few red flags listed here that should warn researchers of the true nature of the journals. In those cases where it is very difficult to tell them apart, researchers should consult their librarians or fellow-researchers to be sure before submitting their papers.

Since September 2012, I have written many articles on predatory journals, and in a matter of a few months since I wrote the first piece I learnt to identify a bogus journal within minutes. Many times, a cursory glance at the home page of the journal website is all that is needed to spot a predatory journal. With time…

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